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Adventure Learning Challenge & Ropes Course Challenges

Team Challenges
Half Pipe
The group is split into two teams. Each person gets a half pipe of PVC. The challenge: the group must get three marbles from point A to point B and back without dropping or touching the marbles.         

Staff will set up a perimeter for the field and place the “mines.” A team member is blindfolded—this person is the only one who can enter the field. The challenge: the blindfolded person must “sweep” the minefield using directions from their team to retrieve an object while avoiding the “mines.”

Two people are “cuffed” together. The challenge: figure out how to escape without removing the bracelets.

Whale Watch
Participants must fit their entire team onto a giant teeter-totter platform. The challenge: balance the platform off the ground.       

Nitro Crossing
The team must use each other to get control of a hanging rope. As soon as the team has the rope they swing across to a platform. The challenge: the entire team must fit on the platform without anyone touching the ground.

Raging River
The team must cross the challenge using only three planks to move from stone to stone. The challenge: no one can touch the ground.       

The T.P. Shuffle
The team balances on a log. The challenge: without touching the ground and without talking, the team must organize themselves in a specific order.  

High Ropes   
Cargo Net
Climb to the top of the net, if you can. (The record is 19 seconds hands only.)    

High Wire
Tiptoe across the wire holding on to a rope strung overhead.       

Vine Line
Traverse the wire using hanging ropes.        

X-Treme Line
Cross the wire using ropes that create an “X.”     

The Vertical Playpen
Using whatever you have, climb up to Jacob’s Ladder.        

Jacob’s Ladder
Balance across the ladder without using your hands.       

Climb from swing to swing to reach the opposite pole.         

Top Log
Cross the log without using your hands.      

Zip Line
Everyone’s favorite. Climb the post and be rewarded with a fast and fun ride to the bottom. 

Trapeze Leap
Practice for the circus. Climb the pole and leap to the trapeze swing.     

Last updated: 4/18/2014 4:15 AM