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About the Library

Public Conduct Statement

The Dakota County Library System welcomes its users and encourages use of library materials. Dakota County Library desires to protect the rights and safety of library users and staff. It also seeks to maintain an atmosphere that, in accordance with its mission statement, will promote and support lifelong learning. Therefore, the Dakota County Library System has adopted the following policies and procedures.

  • A quiet voice should be used at all times. Loud talking or disruptive noise is not allowed.
  • Use of tobacco products are not allowed within the library.
  • Eating is allowed in designated areas of the library only. Beverages with lids are allowed inside the library.
  • Young children must, at all times, be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Dakota County Library staff is not responsible for the care, safety, or supervision of children.
  • Careful use of library materials is required. Library furniture and other equipment must be used in the designated places. Damage to library property is prohibited under Minnesota Statute 609.541.
  • Only Seeing Eye dogs and other service animals are allowed in the library.
    Causing a nuisance as defined in Minnesota Statute § 561.01 is prohibited.
    • A nuisance is anything that is:
      • Harmful to the health of a person, or
      • Offensive to the senses of a person, or
      • An obstruction to the free and unrestricted use and enjoyment of the library property by other persons.
  • Abusive or harassing language or behavior is a nuisance and is not permitted.
  • Running, roller-skating, skateboarding, rollerblading or similar inappropriate activities in the library or on the grounds is not permitted and could constitute a nuisance.

Violation of the above policies may result in a warning, a request to leave the premises, being escorted out of the library, and notification of the police. Persons causing a nuisance may have their privileges to use all Dakota County Library facilities and grounds immediately revoked. Repeat offenders or persons ordered from the premises who do not comply may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing. The Dakota County Library System seeks to both protect the rights of individual customers to use the libraries as well protecting the rights of all patrons to safe and positive access to library materials and buildings.

If a person is issued a "No Trespass Notice" by a local police department, based on inappropriate and/or illegal behavior and activities in any of the Dakota County Libraries, this situation will be reviewed for possible action to revoke the person's system wide library privileges.

The following actions will be taken.

  • Branch Manager involved in the police "No Trespass Notice" will report this action to the Library Director.
  • Library Director will consult with the County Attorney regarding whether the behavior/activity warrants suspension of library privileges.
  • If the Library Director determines that countywide suspension of the person's borrowing privileges and access to the Dakota County Libraries is warranted, the Library Director will notify the managers of the branch libraries.
  • The person will be notified in writing as to the suspension action, how long the suspension of privileges will last and the reasons for the suspension.
  • The person can challenge the suspension by a written statement to the Appeals Committee of the Library Board.
    • The address of the Appeals Committee is:
      Dakota County Library Administrative Offices
      1340 Wescott Road
      Eagan, MN 55123
  • The Appeals Committee will promptly review the suspension and respond to the person and indicate the final decision.

Adopted by Dakota County Library Board March 13, 2003

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:33 AM