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Party Themes

Ages: 5–6 years old 
Party Animals
Available: Year-round.
Head outside for fun games and activities with your best friends. Search for animals that live in the park, identify animal sounds, look for clues that animals have been there, learn how to camouflage yourself like animals do, and play a lively game of Thicket.

Coyote Camouflage
Available: Year-round.
Who knew exploring coyotes could be fun? Invite your best friends for fun and entertaining coyote games and activities. Touch and feel a real coyote pelt and head outside to play lively gather-the-pack games and discover how to camouflage yourself like coyotes do.

Ages: 7–9 years old
Nature Detectives
Available: Year-round.
Invite your friends to become nature detectives for a day. Search the woods to find mysterious clues and animal signs and play games that will help uncover “whodunit” in the park. Each guest will make an animal track to take home.

Bug Bonanza
Available: May–September.
Celebrate your birthday with your friends and hundreds of dragonflies, bugs and other cool creatures. Hunt for insects and use nets to gather, examine and compare your catches.

Ages: 6–12 years old
Fun with Forts
Available: Year-round.
Take your best friends on an adventure they won’t soon forget. Trek into the woods to design and build a fort using branches, bark, leaves and other natural materials — much like animals do.

Park after Dark
Available: October–February.
Bring your friends for an unforgettable evening experience. Explore the trails at dusk, looking and listening for nocturnal animals and discovering fun nighttime tricks. Top it off with stories around the campfire.

Art in the Park
Available: Year-round
Indulge your artsy side. Invite your friends to explore the park and design and create a craft or art project using nature as your inspiration.

Ages: 10–12 years old
Geocaching Gambol
Available: Year-round.
Head out on a geocaching adventure with your best friends. Hunt for hidden treasures in the woods using a GPS unit and special coordinates. Don’t know how to use a GPS? No worries. A quick lesson is included. Each guest will receive a geocaching trinket to leave on a future treasure hunt.

Survive Alive!
Available: Year-round.
Find out if you and your friends have what it takes to survive in the woods. Become a master survival skills and work as a team to build a shelter, start a fire and more.

Owl Prowl
Available: November–March.
Invite your friends for a hoot on your birthday. Explore the fascinating life of owls through games and owl pellet dissection and head out for an owl prowl in the woods at dusk.


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