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Information Technology


Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology provides development, maintenance, administration and support for:

  • 125 in-house developed client/server and web-based applications.
  • 60 State of Minnesota and third-party vendor applications.
  • 26 EDMS modules containing more than 11 million documents serving more than 60 percent of County employees.

Information Technology provides technical support for:

  • The County’s local and Wide Area Networks (WAN).
  • More than 150 network and application servers and 16 physical servers) using VmWare.
  • Setup and maintenance of more than 2,400 personal computers, laptops, virtual desktops and mobile devices.
    Network and desktop security.
  • Software licensing, upgrades, and patches.
  • Data storage, backup and recovery.

Information Technology supports a Data Center with:

  • Centralized technology help desk which averages 1,600 calls and service requests per month.
  • Operations for an average 15,700 monthly jobs and 79,000 printed forms and reports.
  • An IBM z-890 mainframe computer. Over 3,300 telephones (Nortel PBX’s).
    1,850 voice mail accounts and unified messaging (Call Pilot).
  • Two Storage Area Networks (IBM D-6800 & XioTech ISE with a combined capacity of 112 terabytes).
  • Our Commitment to maintain 99.9 percent availability of the County’s servers and networks.
  • Disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans for disasters and emergencies.

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