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Candidate Financial Reports

Candidates for county office report their campaign finances as required by Minnesota Statute 211A.02. Reports filed after May 2014 are available below. Copies of any report filed are available at the Administration Center.


​Candidate ​Initial Report ​Pre-Primary Pre-General ​Post-General Annual
​James Backstrom
County Attorney
​Chuck Halberg
County Commissioner, District 6
HalbergInitialReport2014.pdfInitial Report
​Mark Henry
County Commissioner, District 1
HenryInitialReport2014.pdfInitial Report HenryPre-PrimaryReport2014.pdfPre-Primary
​Mary Liz Holberg
County Commissioner, District 6
HolbergInitialReport2014.pdfInitial Report HolbergPre-PrimaryReport2014.pdfPre-Primary
​Tim Leslie
County Sheriff
​Mike Slavik
County Commissioner, District 1



Last updated: 8/18/2014 6:29 AM