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County Policies

Below is a list of County policies that affect Dakota County residents and other stakeholders outside of County government. The full list of policies is maintained by Dakota County Administration.

For more information, please contact Dakota County Administration at 651-438-4418.

Policy 8001 - Aggregate Tax Policy
Policy 8002 - Tax Increment Financing
Policy 8003 - Conveyance of Tax-Forfeited Property to Local Government Units
Policy 8252 - Signs Placement
Policy8253.pdfPolicy 8253 - Wetland Banking
Policy 8751 - Abatements
Policy 8752 - Economic Development Tax Abatement
Policy 9001 - Authorizing Funding Public Health Nuisance Abatements and Lead Hazard Reductions

Last updated: 10/12/2015 10:11 AM