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Transportation Planning & Programs

2030 Transportation Plan
The Dakota County Transportation Plan is a part of the Dakota County Comprehensive Plan. It is used as a guide to maintain and improve the transportation system while staying in line with land use goals and objectives and transportation policies.

The County is required to update the Comprehensive Plan at least once every 10 years. However, a strategy of the Transportation Plan is to review and update the Transportation Plan every five years.  

The County updates the Transportation Plan so current conditions and funding needs can be identified and funding strategies can be developed to address these needs.  The update allows the County to properly analyze impacts on transportation system performance, to re-examine the County’s overall transportation needs, and to reevaluate strategies, policies and measures.  2030TransportationPlan.pdfDownload the 2030 Transportation Plan.

5-Year Transportation Capital Improvement Plan
The Transportation Capital Improvement Plan is a shorter term plan for transportation construction in the county. It implements policies, strategies and investment levels identified in the 2030 Transportation Plan. Download the 5-Year Transportation Capital Improvement Plan.

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