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Performance & Analysis

Performance & Analysis

The Office of Performance & Analysis serves Dakota County (leadership, administration, and work units), its residents, and its community partners by developing, analyzing, and evaluating information to continuously improve Dakota County’s programs and services. This work includes:

  • Understanding new opportunities and trends and anticipating issues of importance to residents and for County service delivery, so Dakota County can improve how it does business. 
  • Leading long-range initiatives and bridging current issues with future needs.
  • Applying planning and analytical expertise to programs and projects to guide their formation or improvement.
  • Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services.
  • Finding best practices and innovations to apply to programs and services.
  • Serving as a data, information, and research resource to further the work of others.

Research and analysis
The Office of Performance & Analysis is responsible for coordinating or producing studies and plans that address current issues and anticipate issues the County will experience.

Process improvement and program evaluation
The Office of Performance & Analysis evaluates County programs and facilitates process improvement for County business units to improve how Dakota County does its work.

Strategic and long-range planning
The Office of Performance & Analysis engages in strategic and long-range planning and research to help position the County’s decision-makers to better serve the public.

Last updated: 5/17/2016 4:33 AM