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Free access to property records. Search by parcel ID, house number or street address. Go to Property Information Search.

Tax Facts Property Information Request
The Tax Facts Property Information Request is used by real estate professionals to obtain property tax information. The reports will be sent to your email in PDF format. Go to Tax Facts.

Access to LAREDO ends May 1
Dakota County is transitioning to the West Central Indexing RecordEase recording software and web subscription. Access to LAREDO will end on May 1 with access to RecordEase beginning May 4, 2015. There will be no fee to access RecordEase for two months. After July 1, a contract for subscription services will be required.  Links to contract information will be available soon.

Public access to recorded documents and information is also available during normal business hours at the Administration Center.

Documents available online
To see what documents are available online, see the Current Standing tables below which defines the start dates of available data and/or images.


 Abstract Current Standing


Currently Numbering 07/29/2015
Computer Entry Thru 07/26/2015
Manual Tract Index Books Thru 08/25/1993
Man Fed/State Tax Liens Thru 05/31/1995
Balancing Thru 07/29/2015
Original Docs Mailed Out Thru 07/24/2015
1st Doc # In Computer # 658675.0 07/01/1984
1st Image In Computer # 1253094.0 12/01/1994
Research Calls Thru 07/30/2015
Money Deposited Thru 07/29/2015
Treas/Aud Processed Thru 04/28/2009

 Torrens Current Standing


Currently Numbering 07/30/2015
Computer Entry Thru 07/28/2015
Manual Tract Index Books Thru 04/12/2002
Original Docs Mailed Out Thru 07/26/2015
Balancing Thru 07/29/2015
1st Doc # In Computer # T138392.0 07/01/1984
1st Image In Computer # T275402.0 04/05/1993
Certificate History Startdate 08/01/1992
Certificate History Thru Date 03/08/2013
Money Deposited Thru 07/29/2015
Docs Typed Thru 07/27/2015

Last updated: 4/29/2015 9:53 AM