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Aggregate Tax

Dakota County collects a tax on aggregate material that is produced within the County in accordance with Minnesota Statute 298.75. Aggregate material includes, but is not limited to, sand, silica sand, gravel, crushed rock, limestone, granite and granular borrow.

The tax is distributed to cities and townships where the mine or quarry is located, the county road and bridge fund, and a special reserve for the restoration of abandoned pits or other conservation or environmental needs. View Dakota County Policy 8001 – Aggregate Tax.

Operators and importers must report the tax due each quarter.

AggregateTaxReportingForm2014Q1.pdf2014 First Quarter Reporting Form
AggregateTaxReportingForm2014Q2.pdf2014 Second Quarter Reporting Form
AggregateTaxReportingForm2014Q3.pdf2014 Third Quarter Reporting Form
AggregateTaxReportingForm2014Q4.pdf2014 Fourth Quarter Reporting Form

Send reporting forms to:
Quinn Doheny
Administration Center
1590 Highway 55
Hastings, MN 55033

Phone: 651-438-4372

Aggregate tax summaries
AggregateTaxSummary2014Q1.pdf2014 - First Quarter
AggregateTaxSummary2014Q2.pdf2014 - Second Quarter
AggregateTaxSummary2014Q3.pdf2014 - Third Quarter
AggregateTaxSummary2014Q4.pdf2014 - Fourth Quarter

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