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Game & Fishing Licenses

Minnesota Statue 97A requires that any person, unless exempt, must purchase a license to hunt and fish in Minnesota.  Hunting and fishing certain species or in certain areas may also require the purchase of a stamp.

All applicants must be present unless a combination license is purchased.

Most hunting and fishing licenses and stamps go on sale in mid-February. Big game licenses go on sale in mid-August.  The firearms deer season begins in early November.

Locations (see business hours)


Fees vary based on the type of license or stamp purchased.

Payment options
At the Lakeville, Burnsville and Robert Trail License Centers, cash, check, money orders, and credit or debit cards (Discover, Visa or MasterCard) are accepted.

At the Western Service Center, only cash, check and money order are accepted.
Required identification
To purchase a resident license, you must provide proof of Minnesota residency (a valid Minnesota driver's license or identification card) or a Firearm Safety Certificate.

Non-residents must provide a driver’s license or state identification card from their state of residence.

There are no required forms to purchase a game or fishing license.

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