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Conditions of Probation


Community Corrections

Conditions of Probation

If the Court finds the offender has failed to follow any one of the rules, it has the authority to revoke his/her probation and send him/her to jail or prison.​

Reporting conditions

  • Offenders are expected to report to their probation officers or groups as directed.
  • Offenders are expected to reply promptly to any communication from Dakota County Community Corrections.
  • Offenders are expected to keep their probation officers informed of current employment, address, and all telephone numbers.

Regulatory conditions

  • Offenders are expected to obey all state and federal laws.
  • Offenders cannot possess or use any illegal or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Offenders cannot engage in threatening or assaultive behavior.

Out-of-state/Country instructions

  • Travel out-of-state is limited. An offender must obtain permission from his/her probation officer at least two weeks prior to travel.
  • Travel outside the United States and its territories is prohibited.
  • Offenders cannot relocate to other states without approval from their probation officers and the other state.  Offenders need to allow at least three (3) months to obtain approval from other states.

Last updated: 12/26/2012 10:11 AM