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Assessing Property

Assessing Property

The Dakota County Assessor's Office determines the value of all 157,000 parcels in the county. The office is responsible for:

Estimating values
Minnesota state law requires that assessors view each parcel of real estate at least once every five years to appraise its market value. Property values change continuously with changing economic conditions.

In addition to market changes, numerous physical changes affect the value of land and buildings. Such changes include draining and clearing the land, improving the adjacent public streets and installing utilities, and adding to or remodeling buildings. All factors are considered in estimating the value of property. This requires physical inspection of all property subject to assessment.

Market values are determined every Jan. 2.

Classifying property
The Assessor’s Office also determines the classification, or use, of each parcel. For instance, property may be residential homestead (owner-occupied), residential non-homestead, agricultural or commercial. Each classification is taxed at a different percentage of market value.

Appraiser credentials
Appraisers employed by the Assessor’s Office are professionals, with stringent training and experience requirements set by the State Board of Assessors. The Minnesota State Board of Assessors governs and administers licensure of appraisers.

Dakota County insists on additional training in the areas of management, organization and customer service.

Last updated: 6/17/2015 3:45 AM