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Probation & Community Programs

Probation & Community Programs

Community Corrections serves juvenile and adult offenders by holding them accountable for their offenses while helping them develop pro-social skills and competencies. The Department’s work is community based—probation officers supervise offenders where they live, go to school or work, and in other community locations. Community Corrections partners with law enforcement, prosecutors and courts to maximize accountability and public safety.

Probation is just one part of Community Corrections’ work.  Staff also provides truancy diversion, bail evaluations, intake/assessments, pre-sentence investigations and other court services, victim restitution investigations, Community Work Service (CWS), Sentencing to Service (STS), Work Release, electronic home monitoring/conditional release, offender cognitive groups, and other interventions. 

For juvenile offenders, Corrections operates a 40-bed secured facility and day treatment programs and uses the fully accredited in-house Riverside School to provide education.

On average, 11,300 probationers receive services from Community Corrections each year.

CommunityCorrectionsComprehensivePlan.pdf2016-2017 Community Corrections Comprehensive Plan

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