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Community Agency Alert Network

CAAN Sign Up

The Dakota County Community Services Division has organized the Community Agency Alert Network to:

  • Ensure that agencies in Dakota County receive accurate and timely information on the emergency and the response to the incident.
  • Provide instructions that community agencies can distribute to individuals so that they can take appropriate action to protect their health and safety. 

Any organization that provides services or has access to community members who might need emergency safety instructions is encouraged to participate in the Community Agency Alert Network. It is especially important that organizations that serve people with special needs, such as people who are blind/visually impaired, deaf/hard of hearing, or people with limited English proficiencies participate in the Community Agency Alert Network.

If notified of an emergency, community agencies will be expected to promptly pass the information on to clients via email, phone calls or mailings. Agencies will be asked to provide the information in alternative formats to clients with special needs. A few times per year, members will be asked to participate in a test of Community Agency Alert Network system.

To sign up for the Community Agency Alert Network, simply enter your name and email address. It is recommended that more than one person sign up from each agency. You may also wish to sign up a second time with your home email address.

If you have questions about the Community Agency Alert Network, contact Laura Weise, Dakota County Public Health Department.


Last updated: 1/29/2013 8:43 AM