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Teen Pregnancy

When a teen 17 years old or younger delivers a baby, the hospital must file a report with the state within three days.  The state then sends these reports on to the county.
Public Health and Social Services then can provide assistance to these young parents.  Pregnant teens on public assistance must work with both Social Services and Public Assistance. However, public health services are optional.

Services available
From Social Services
  • Help to find housing and transportation
  • Educational planning and career development
  • Assistance with locating day care
  • Support groups
From Public Assistance
  • Financial and medical assistance
  • Help is establishing parentage
From Public Health
  • Help in preparing for labor and delivery
  • Education on infant care and growth and development
  • Immunizations and well child care
  • Referral to the WIC program

Find out more
For additional information on services available, contact Dakota County Social Services at 952-891-7459 or Dakota County Public Health at 651-554-6115.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:26 AM