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Well Permits

Submit Well Information

​Monitoring and product recovery wells require annual registration. Dakota County will send a letter to the well owner requesting completion of the Annual Registered Use Well Permit 14 months after the well is completed.

Electronic Data Transfer Format
Observation data from registered wells must be submitted electronically in the format described in the ElectronicDataTransferDocumentation.pdfElectronic Data Transfer Documentation. Ask the lab to supply a copy of your data to you in this format. Empty templates are provided for your convenience. 

AccessDatabase.zipAccess Database Template
DelimitedText.zipDelimited Text Template
ExcelSpreadsheet.zipExcel Spreadsheet Template

The template files are self-extracting. Each file contains additional tables of chemical names, chemical numbers, detection codes, etc., necessary to fill in the table H2O_XFER.

Last updated: 3/5/2014 3:55 AM