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Interstate 35W Bus Rapid Transit

The Interstate 35W transitway extends from the Kenrick Park & Ride Facility in Lakeville north to downtown Minneapolis.  Elements of the transitway, including new runningways and stations in both the shoulders and median of I-35W, are currently under construction and are intended to connect new and existing transit stations along I-35W with high frequency express and station-to-station service. The start of station-to-station service is currently dependent on completion of all planned stations.     

In Dakota County, station-to-station service will extend as far south as the Burnsville Transit Station; Express BRT service from the Kenrick Park & Ride to the Lake Street Transit Station and downtown Minneapolis began in 2009. Dakota County participates on the I-35W Solutions Alliance, which manages planning for BRT service, as well as related traffic management efforts on I-35W funded through the US Department of Transportation’s Urban Partnership Agreement grant program.

Last updated: 1/26/2016 9:05 AM