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Robert Street Corridor

The Robert Street Corridor extends from downtown St. Paul to Rosemount, and is bounded by Interstate 35E and the Mississippi River.

Changes to this area will increase the levels of population and employment considerably. About 45 percent more people and 27 percent more jobs are expected in the corridor by 2030 than there were in 2000. While increases in population and jobs are expected in both the local area and region, there are few planned increases in freeway capacity. Improvements to transit service is an option that is being pursued regionally to address these trends and ensure that local workers and residents can remain mobile.

The County, in cooperation with regional partners, has looked at potential investments in transit service and infrastructure corridor over the past several years. Preliminary plans were developed for potential investments including light rail, modern streetcar, bus rapid transit, and enhancements to the existing transit network.


Last updated: 6/9/2016 6:19 AM