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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

​Dakota County produces a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report each year to show the public an accurate picture of the county’s financial condition. The report has four main reports—Statement of Activities, Statement of Net Assets, Balance Sheet, and the Statement of Revenues and Expenditures. The Office of the State Auditor audits the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report annually.

2008CAFR.pdf2008 CAFR
2009CAFR.pdf2009 CAFR
2010CAFR.pdf2010 CAFR
2011CAFR.pdf2011 CAFR
2012CAFR.pdf2012 CAFR
2013CAFR.pdf2013 CAFR
2014CAFR.pdf2014 CAFR
2015CAFR.pdf2015 CAFR

Last updated: 7/14/2016 3:33 AM