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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Operations Plan

The Dakota County All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides an overview of Dakota County’s emergency management program.  It briefly explains the hazards faced, capabilities, requirements, and the local emergency management program.  It also reviews the expected mission for each emergency phase and identifies the county departments that have the lead for a given Emergency Support Function (ESF).
The plan improves the efficiency of the response and recovery efforts by providing framework for operations.  The plan assures that county departments respond in a coordinated fashion and coordinate response and recovery with township, city, county, state and federal agencies.
The Emergency Operations Plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

The Emergency Operations Plan is approved by the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) every four years.

The official plan documents are not available to the public. If you have questions about the Emergency Operations Plan, please contact BJ Battig
, Dakota County Risk Management, at 651-438-4532.

Last updated: 7/19/2016 4:00 AM