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Dakota County provides public GIS data in specific formats and geographic subsets without fees or use restrictions.  By downloading and using this data, you represent that you agree to the Dakota County GIS Database Disclaimer below. 

All data can be found on Minnesota Geospatial Commons
All available data can be found on our Minnesota Geospatial Commons page.  Additional special requests can be accommodated through the standard GIS services fee by contacting us at

Dakota County encourages public use of this GIS data.  The County Board of Commissioners adopted a policy of free and open GIS data, in collaboration with the other six metropolitan counties in the Twin Cities.  More information on this initiative is available from MetroGIS

Learn more about free and open data
Dakota County participated in the Geo:Code 2.0 event in March 2016, intended to increase awareness of local free and open GIS data and generate ideas for how it can be used. Visit the event site for more information about this event.

Projecting GIS Data
ArcGIS projection file for Dakota County Geographic Data, DakotaCountyMNCoordinatesFeet1.zipDakota County Coordinates, NAD83.

Dakota County GIS Database Disclaimer
NOTICE: Dakota County Geographic Information System (GIS) Data are made available pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13) THE GIS DATA ARE PROVIDED TO YOU AS IS AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY AS TO THEIR PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The GIS Data were developed by Dakota County (“County”) for their own internal business purposes. The County does not represent or warrant that the GIS Data or the data documentation are error-free, complete, current, or accurate. You are responsible for any consequences resulting from your use of the GIS Data or your reliance on the GIS Data. You should consult the data documentation for this particular GIS Data to determine the limitations of the GIS Data and the precision with which the GIS Data may depict distance, direction, location, or other geographic features. If you transmit or provide the GIS Data (or any portion of it) to another user, you must provide a copy of this disclaimer and the accompanying metadata for this dataset to the user.
  • Pre-built datasets include all major cities and the entire county.
  • All data provided in specific standard formats and coordinate projections – special requests for data in other coordinate system or format adds additional charge for conversion time.
  • Non-County digital data will be provided for a fee based on actual costs plus GIS service fee, as allowed by applicable data licensing.
  • Sales tax will be added to data sales.


Last updated: 4/25/2016 4:46 AM