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Alternatives to Court

Alcohol & Marijuana Level 1

​The Dakota County Attorney’s Alcohol & Marijuana Level 1 Youth Accountability Program is designed for juveniles who have committed a first time illegal use of alcohol or marijuana offense and who were not the driver of a vehicle at the time.

This program is an alternative to court for the first time offender.  Juveniles can be referred by school officials, the courts or voluntarily enroll in the program. 

Program basics
The class will teach him/her through an education, prevention, and communication approach those tools needed to make healthy decisions.  Juveniles will become more aware of their thought processes while under pressure or during emotional times and how to respond, including recognition of positive/negative consequences of the choices they make.

Prior to attending the class, the juvenile must complete a chemical use questionnaire and bring it to class. Program fee payment is required.

At least one parent must attend the program with their child.

Completion of the program
After completing the program, the juvenile will not lose his/her driver’s license for 30 days and the citation will be dismissed.

For more information, see the Dakota County Attorney’s Youth Accountability Program Alcohol & Marijuana Level 1 brochure.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:27 AM