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Hazardous Waste Generator Licensing

Hazardous waste generators in Dakota County must be licensed. There are two levels of licensing in Dakota County—Minimal Generator registration and fully licensed generators.

Annually, the County issues 800 registrations and more than 400 licenses.

Get a license
Minimal Generator registration
Businesses that generate less than 10 gallons of hazardous waste per year and/or exempt waste are considered Minimal Generators and only need to complete the MinimalGeneratorApplication.pdfMinimal Generator Registration Form and submit it to Dakota County for a one-time registration.

Full hazardous waste generator licensing
If you do not meet the Minimal Generator standard, you must apply for a license. The license must be renewed annually. Generators need to fill out and submit the MPCA Notification of Regulated Waste Activity Form and HazardousWasteGeneratorLicenseApplication.pdfLicense Application to Dakota County.

A Dakota County inspector can come to your site and help you fill out the forms. Call 952-891-7557 to arrange for an inspection or assistance. See the InspectionForm.pdfInspection Form.

Renew a license
Hazardous waste generator licenses must be renewed annually. To renew your license, complete the relicensing form, which will be sent to you by Dec. 31, and pay your license fee.

When you receive the relicensing form:

  • Review it
  • Make any necessary corrections
  • Add new waste streams not listed on the form
  • Enter the amount of waste generated (in pounds or gallons) for each waste stream for that calendar year
  • Sign and return the form to Dakota County by Jan. 31.*

*A late fee will be applied if the form is postmarked after Jan. 31.

Once the relicensing form is received, you will be mailed an invoice for your license fee. The fee is based on the type and amount of waste reported. License fees are due Feb. 28. Your license will be mailed when we receive payment. The license must be displayed prominently at your site.


Last updated: 3/5/2014 3:48 AM