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Industrial Waste Codisposal Program

​Dakota County can approve, when appropriate, codisposal—the disposal of non-hazardous, non-exempt industrial waste at a sanitary landfill. The county reviews submitted codisposal applications to make sure that all appropriate sampling and analysis has been done and that the waste is within the County’s acceptable limits for disposal with mixed municipal solid waste at landfills. The County charges a fee for codisposal review.

Waste generator’s responsibilities
All generators of industrial waste are responsible for evaluating and characterizing their waste. This can be accomplished by process knowledge, material safety data sheets and/or lab analysis.

Prior to the acceptance of all non-hazardous, non-exempt industrial waste at a sanitary landfill, the application forms and waste documentation must be completed and submitted to the landfill. After the waste is approved by the landfill, the application and documentation is submitted to the county for review. The necessary application forms are:

CodisposalApplicationForm.pdfCodisposal Application Form
PreApprovalSamplingForm.pdfPre-approval Sampling Form
LandfillSamplingRequestForm.pdfLandfill Sampling and Analysis Exemption Request Form
CoverRequest.pdfCover Request

Exempt industrial waste
Exempt Industrial Waste is inert waste that does not present a hazard to human health or the environment. Section 5.01(B) of County Ordinance 110 – Solid Waste Management lists the wastes that are exempt. Other industrial wastes not listed may be approved for exemption by the county if provided a written request by the landfill.

Some industrial waste may also be used as Alternative Daily Cover at landfills.

Last updated: 12/30/2015 8:34 AM