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Pedestrian Safety

At intersections, pedestrians must obey traffic signals, according to Minnesota State Statute 169.21.

The pedestrian signals provide time cross the street safely. The pedestrian signal is normally activated by a push-button that initiates a pre-programmed sequence for pedestrian signals. Pressing the pedestrian push-button will not change the signal immediately, but will provide pedestrians the appropriate time to cross when it is their turn.

Pedestrian signal symbols
Steady WALK or walking person symbol: A pedestrian may enter the roadway and proceed in the direction of the indication. The WALK indication is normally illuminated for 4–7 seconds.

Flashing DON’T WALK or flashing upraised hand symbol: A pedestrian may not enter the roadway to start crossing. A pedestrian who started to cross during the WALK indication may continue to cross and will have enough time to finish their crossing or get to a median that has another pedestrian crossing push-button. There are several intersections in Dakota County that also have a countdown timer which will display the amount of time remaining to cross.

Steady DON’T WALK or upraised hand signal: Pedestrians may not enter the roadway to cross and any previously crossing pedestrian shouldn’t be in the crosswalk. PedestrianSignalBrochure.pdfFind out more about pedestrian signal symbols.

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Last updated: 2/21/2014 3:23 AM