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Community Correction Internships

​Community Corrections has a broad range of volunteer and intern opportunities. Whether you want to contribute to your community or are a student looking for work experience to fulfill academic requirements, please contact the Volunteer/Intern Coordinator at 952-891-7151.

Volunteers and interns must complete an CommunityCorrectionsInternshipApplication.docCommunity Corrections Application Form.

Examples of volunteer and intern opportunities

  • Help with juvenile offenders engaged in community projects
  • Assist probation officers in juvenile or adult supervision
  • Assist juveniles participating in extended day treatment
  • Perform computer queries on information systems
  • Help manage paperwork

Benefits of volunteering or interning

  • Gain marketable work experience
  • Participate in training
  • Complete academic requirements
  • Provide valuable service to the community

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:24 AM