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Child Protection


Child Protection

24-Hour Crisis Response

Types of Abuse

Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is when the person responsible for the child's care causes physical injury, other than by accident. This includes any physical injury to a child that cannot reasonably be explained by the person responsible for the child's care, based on history of injuries. Reported injuries may include bruises, welts, burns, fractures or swelling.

Sexual Abuse
Child sexual abuse is sexual contact with a minor that may include sexual touching of the child, having the child engage in sexual activities, exposing the child intentionally to pornographic or sexual material or involving a minor in pornography or other sexual acts.

Child Neglect
Child neglect is the non-accidental failure by a person responsible for a child's care to supply a child with necessary food, clothing, shelter, health, medical or other care required for the child's physical or mental health when reasonably able to do so. This includes inadequate supervision or disregard for the child’s safety in circumstances involving violence.

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