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Removing or Reducing Tax Penalties

​The Dakota County Board of Commissioners delegates its authority to grant abatements for late payment of current year tax to Property Taxation and Records. Read the County's abatement policy.

County Board action is required for abatements of cost, penalty, and interest of delinquent tax. Generally, abatement requests will only be approved in three limited circumstances:

  • Administrative Error: Error made by the County, municipality, or other taxing authority which caused the late payment.
  • Hardship: A tragedy or casualty, such as death, illness, accident, fire or other tragedy.
  • Postal Error: An error of the United States Postal Service where the Postal Service admits to such error in delivery of the tax payment or the taxpayer documents the issuance of a stop payment notice for any check remitting taxes.

To apply for abatement of a property tax penalty, you must be current on your property taxes, including penalties and interest and submit the Abatement of Property Tax Penalty Form to:

Dakota County Property Taxation and Records
Administration Center
1590 Highway 55
Hastings, MN 55033

Last updated: 7/20/2015 5:26 AM