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Recording Property Documents

Document Standards

Dakota County uses the document standards for property records outlined in Minnesota Statute 507.093.

To make sure your documents meet these standards, make sure to check the following before sending documents to be recorded.

For all documents

  • The document is dated.
  • The document is signed.
  • Acknowledgment needs are met. This includes:
    • Date
    • Legible notary seal
    • Notary signature
    • Notary commission expiration date
    • Names and marital status (single, married, or husband and wife, if not in heading) of signatures being acknowledged.
    • Business name, who signs and their titles (if corporate acknowledgment)
  • Complete legal description is given.
  • Exhibits are attached.
  • Drafting statement is included with name and address.
  • Filing fees are paid.

Whiteout is unacceptable on any legal document.

For transfer deeds

  • The state deed tax is paid. (Purchase price multiplied by .0033 equals the deed tax in Dakota County)  
  • Certificate of Real Estate Value is completed.
  • A name and address is included for tax statement purposes.
  • Delinquent taxes are paid (if any).
  • Current taxes are paid (if split in tax parcel).
  • Enclose $1.65 deed tax if total consideration for transfer is $500 or less.
  • Complete well disclosure information. If wells on the property, complete Well Certificate and include $50 fee.

For miscellaneous documents

  • Correction documents need new signatures and new acknowledgement along with a correction statement.
  • Mortgage registration tax is included (mortgage amount multiplied by .0023 equals mortgage registration tax).
  • Warranty Deed completing a Contract for Deed must have a well statement signed by the buyers or a Well Certificate with the $50 fee.
  • For transfer documents and mortgages, an agricultural conservation fee of $5 is due and payable to: Dakota County Property Taxation & Records.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:27 AM