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Property Tax 101

County Tax Facts

Tax rate the lowest in the state
The Dakota County property tax rate remains the lowest county tax rate in the state. The tax rate is the amount of money (the levy) needed to pay for essential services, divided by the tax base. Dakota County has a growing tax base.

Change in County portion
We project that a home in Dakota County with a median value of $219,400 will experience a 2.1% increase in the County’s portion of property taxes comparable to 2015. Dakota County per capita tax increases are cumulatively below the rate of inflation.

County's share is about 25 percent of property tax bill
On average, the County’s share of property taxes is about 25 percent of a homeowner’s total property tax bill. School districts, cities or townships, and special taxing districts comprise the rest of the property tax bill.

Taxes below the metro average
The average county portion of 2016 proposed property tax paid by owners of homes valued at $219,400 in Dakota County is $577 compared to an estimated metro average of $853 in county tax.


Last updated: 11/6/2015 9:30 AM