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Property Tax 101

2016 Proposed Property Taxes

​According to state statute, the county sends every property owner a Proposed Property Tax Notice in mid-November each year. The notice estimates the property tax you will pay in the following year if the taxing jurisdictions approve their levies as proposed. See what factors determine your property tax.

search.pngSearch for your proposed tax notice online
To find your 2016 Proposed Tax Notice online, go to Property Information Search, enter your address number or Property Identification Number, and click Search. Then, select the 2016 Proposed Tax Notice.

Proposed taxes may change
It is likely the estimate given on your Proposed Property Tax Notice will differ from the final total. The Proposed Tax Notice is an estimate. They may differ for any of the following reasons:

  • Referendums could pass, increasing your tax.
  • Property owners can file for homestead classification if they own and occupy their homes by Dec. 1.
  • Taxing jurisdictions can lower their tax levy.
  • Although not a tax, special assessments and other charges may be billed on the tax statement. Special assessments information is not available at the time of the notices.

Proposed tax public hearings
The County, cities and school districts hold public hearings to receive comments on the proposed taxes. During the hearing, the taxing jurisdiction will give a budget presentation followed by a public comment and question period. TNTHearingCalendar.pdfSee the hearing calendar.

Jurisdictions don’t have to hold hearings if they meet the following criteria:

  • Cities with a population under 500.
  • County, city, school districts or metropolitan special taxing districts that do not exceed its previous year property tax levy adjusted for inflation.
  • Special taxing districts. (housing and redevelopment authorities, city port authorities, hospital districts, regional rail authorities and watersheds)

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