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Alternative Daily Cover Program

All waste disposed at a landfill must be covered at the end of the working day. The waste is usually covered by six or more inches of clean soil. However, some types of waste can be approved to be used as alternative daily cover—temporary, short duration landfill cover. In order to be used as a cover material, the waste must be suitable (usually soil like) and safe (only lightly contaminated). When used for alternative daily cover, the waste is exempt from the usual waste tax.

Generally the landfill and the waste generator work together to identify wastes suitable for use as cover material (see County Ordinance 110 – Solid Waste Management under Section 5.05).

The landfill submits the AlternativeDailyCoverApplication.pdfAlternative Daily Cover Application, along with supporting documentation and test information to Dakota County for review.

Last updated: 12/30/2015 8:35 AM