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Poplar Grove

The southern part of the County has woodlots scattered amongst the cropland. Containing some of the last remaining pre-settlement vegetation, these small forest patches were first used to provide building materials and firewood to early farm families and have remained in the same family ownership for several generations.

One such woodland is located along Highway 3 in Castle Rock Township in an area historically known as Poplar Grove. One landowner, Marcia Hinz, dreamed of protecting her 8-acre portion of Poplar Grove and submitted an FNAP application during the first application round in 2003. Hinz’s land was not selected, but staff encouraged her to talk with her neighbors about applying as a group in the future. She was successful in getting three of her neighbors to apply with her in 2005.

This combined, 48-acre project was recommended for approval. As part of the acquisition process, a preliminary natural resource management plan was prepared, focusing on removing buckthorn and re-establishing the native oak forest and savanna that used to dominate the area. Several small dump sites were also cleaned up.

Hinz and her family worked hard with staff to make sure that the property was protected before the land was sold. Hinz’s legacy to leave her portion of Poplar Grove better than she found it will continue through the current landowner and former neighbors.

Last updated: 12/20/2012 3:38 AM