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Residential Survey

The Dakota County Residential Survey provides residents an opportunity to rate the quality of life in the county as well as service delivery and their satisfaction with County government. The survey also gives residents an avenue to provide feedback to the County about what is working well and what is not, and to share their priorities for the County.

When conducting residential surveys, Dakota County forms a partnership with several other counties, which cuts costs and allows real-time comparisons with similar organizations that serve demographically similar residents. 

2016ResidentialSurvey.pdf2016 Residential Survey
2013ResidentialSurvey.pdf2013 Residential Survey
2011ResidentialSurvey.pdf2011 Residential Survey
2008ResidentialSurvey.pdf2008 Residential Survey

Special Focus Residential Survey
As planning for a residential survey in 2015 began in mid-2014, Dakota County and its partners in other counties decided to delay the general residential survey by a year. The next residential survey will be in spring 2016. 

Since the 2013 general residential survey was completed, two additional residential surveys of limited focus have been completed. 

In the fall of 2015, Dakota County designed a residential survey intended to solicit data to support efforts by staff and consultants to prepare a long-range plan for visitor services and operations in parks and trails countywide.  While County staff already have access to survey data gathered from people as they visit Dakota County Parks, this survey was intended to solicit views of park services, programs, and facilities from all residents, including those who are not frequent visitors.   

In fall 2014, Dakota County designed a residential survey that was limited in length and scope compared to the usual residential surveys. The survey focused only on topics of residents’ attitudes towards recycling, transit use and use of parks and preferred activities in parks.

As is usual practice for all other residential surveys, the addresses to which these two surveys were sent were drawn randomly from a U.S. Postal Service mailing list. These special focus residential survey used similar methodology to all other residential surveys conducted by Dakota County over the last two decades.

2014 Special Focus Residential Survey.pdf2014 Special Focus Residential Survey
ParkVisitorSurveyReport.pdf2015 Park Visitor Survey

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