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Homestead is a program to reduce property taxes for owners who also occupy their homes.

Qualifying for homestead
You can qualify for this tax reduction if you own and occupy your house as your main place of residence. Some relatives of the owner may qualify if they live in the owner’s house.

In certain cases, members of family farm corporations and farm partnerships may qualify. Other corporations or LLC’s or partnerships do not qualify. The Minnesota Department of Revenue has outlined the requirements.
You should apply for homestead when you move into a house you own, and it is your main place of residence. If you own and occupy by Dec. 1, your property taxes the next year will get the homestead benefits.
apply-online.jpgApplying for homestead online
You can now safely and securely apply for homestead online. Go to the Online Homestead Application to get started.
After you have applied, you will receive an email from DocuSign when the application is successfully submitted to Assessing Services.  Assessing Services will review your application and will only contact you if they have any questions.
Personal information is safe
Your application will be encrypted through bank-grade security encryption. Your social security number is considered private data and will remain confidential. It will only be shared among government officials for tax collection and administrative purposes.
Dates property was occupied and sold
The application requires a date that the property was occupied and sold. Please provide a date based on your best recollection.

More ways to apply
Complete a Homestead Application Form and do one of the following: 
  • Apply in person: Take the form to any of Dakota County’s service or license centers.
  • Apply by mail: Mail the completed form to Dakota County Assessing Services, 1590 Highway 55, Hastings MN 55033-2343.
  • Apply by fax: Fax the completed form to 651-438-4469.

The paper form is required if any applicant has a taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number or if your information is protected by one of the following. Please include protection documentation when applying:

Special Homestead Applications
Blind and Disabled Homestead Application
A special homestead classification is available for persons who are blind or permanently or totally disabled. To apply for this classification, complete the Blind and Disabled Homestead Application and submit as instructed above. 

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