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State statutes
You have several options to find state statutes.

The Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes has placed all state laws on their website. If you know the number of the statute you need, you can search for it. If you know the general topic, you can search the statutes using keywords.

At the Law Library
Both branches of the Law Library have print versions of the Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Statutes Annotated.

Municipal and county ordinances
County ordinances are available on the Dakota County website. Most municipalities have their ordinances posted on Minnesota Ordinances Online.

Not all cities and counties have put their ordinances online.  The law library in Hastings is a depository for ordinances of the municipalities within Dakota County.

State court rules
You can find Minnesota state court rules on Minnesota Judicial Branch website and on the Revisor's website. The law libraries also have print versions of the rules.

State case laws
There are several ways to access state case law.

• Minnesota state appellate cases (back to 1996) can be found on the Minnesota State Law Library's website.
• You can search Minnesota state cases (back to 1950) on Google Scholar.
• Print case reporters covering all dates are available at the law library in Hastings.
• Both libraries have access to Minnesota case law online via Lexis and Westlaw.

State Constitution
The Minnesota State Legislature has a copy of the state constitution available on their website.

Last updated: 2/18/2016 7:23 AM