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Campaign Finance Reporting

​You must report your campaign finance if you raise or spend $750 in a campaign:

  • For County, municipal or school district office
  • For or against a ballot question conducted by the county, municipality or school district

Campaign Financial Report

There are several types of financial reports required. Download a Campaign Finance Report Form.

Initial Finance Report
This report is filed within 14 days of receiving or disbursing contributions of more than $750.

Financial Report
During a year when the candidate’s name is on the ballot, at least three finance reports must be filed:  

  • 10 days before the primary or special primary
  • 10 days before the general election or special election     
  • 30 days after the general or special election

Annual Report
Required by Jan. 31 of each year if there is an active campaign fund.  

Final Report
Filed by a candidate or committee when all debts have been settled and all assets in excess of $100 in the aggregate are disposed of.

Certification of Filing Report
Filed no later than seven days after the general election. The form is available on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. The filing officer cannot issue a Certificate of Election until this form is filed by all candidates.

Statement of Economic Interest Report
This report is required by all candidates for elected office (except judicial candidates). Filing locations depend on the office of candidacy:

Municipality office: City or town hall of municipality
County office: Administration Center in Hastings
State office: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board

The report must be filed within 14 days after filing an affidavit of candidacy and within 60 days after accepting employment. Supplementary Statements are filed yearly by April 15.

Last updated: 6/16/2015 7:06 AM