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DIAL Cheat Sheet

Call DIAL to check billing and payment information through the State of Minnesota’s Child Care System called MEC2. You will need your provider ID and the case number listed on the Child Care Assistance Program Billing Form to:

  • Hear the case status. (example: Active or Inactive)
  • Hear your last payment amount, date issued, and status (example: issued, cashed, etc.)
  • Leave a message for a case aide on any billing or payment questions.
  • Leave a message for the child care worker on authorizations.

You should receive a response within two business days.

DIAL Instructions
1. Call 651-438-4949
2. At Entry Menu – press 2 for Child Care Case or Provider
3. Press 2 again for Providers to access MEC2
4. Enter your MEC2 Provider number followed by # key.
5. Enter the MEC2 case number followed by # key.
6. Listen to case status and your pending or last payment.
            Press 1 to repeat     
            Press 2 to leave message for case aide
            Press 3 to leave message for client’s child care worker
            Press 5 to enter another case number
            Press 0 for office hours

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:25 AM