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Providing Child Care

The County is responsible for licensing child care homes where children from more than one family and/or relatives are cared for. The county conducts background studies and orientations for prospective child care providers, does in-home interviews and safety checks, recommends providers for licensure, and supports existing providers.

Sleep On It
In just more than a year, three babies in licensed Dakota County child care homes have died. Two of the deaths were a result of unsafe sleeping positions, and an investigation into the third death is ongoing.

Sleep On It, a combined effort of the Dakota County Attorney’s Office and Dakota County Community Services Division, is reminding home day care providers to comply with Minnesota law when they lay infants down for naps.

Dakota County’s goal is to end unsafe sleep practices through education and outreach to home day care providers, parents and the community. Instructional online videos, engaging posters and valuable training sessions will be available as a reminder to lay infants face up. Their lives depend on it. Find out more about the Sleep On It campaign.

Last updated: 8/19/2013 10:48 AM