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Billing Child Care Assistance

To be issued payments through child care assistance, the provider must complete the Purchase of Service Form. This will be given to you by the parent requesting service. After the parent signs the form, the provider will complete their section and send it to the County.  The Child Care Program staff in Child Care Assistance will process these forms to register you as a provider. For more information, see the Child Care Fund Plan.

Receiving payment
To receive payment, you must complete the Billing Form after the services are provided. You must submit forms within 60 days of service or the payment will be denied. See the Video Tutorial for instructions on billing forms.

You will receive payment within one month after submitting a billing form to Dakota County.

Call the automated DIAL system at 651-438-4949 to check the status of your payment. You will need your MEC2 provider number and case number (found on the billing form).  You can also check co-pay amount and authorized hours. See the DIAL Cheat Sheet.

County payment amounts
The county will pay up to what is authorized by the financial worker up to the county’s maximum rates.

Parents are required to pay the provider costs that exceed the maximum rates. Parents may also be responsible for some registration fees, special program fees and for the co-payment amount listed on the Purchase of Service Forms.

Incomplete billing forms
If the entire bill cannot be approve, the invoice may be returned to you for more information or corrections. Whenever possible, the county will call and verify information to expedite the process.

In some cases, the billing form may need to be returned to the financial worker for approval in order to make payment. If the billed amount is not approved or your billing form does not meet payment policies, the county will send you a notice or you will see a comment on your remittance.

Get your child care assistance questions answered
For questions regarding co-pays, service authorizations or issues with parents, contact to the financial worker. For payment and billing questions, contact the case aide.

Call the automated DIAL system at 651-438-4949 to leave a message for either a financial worker or a case aide.  Listen to the options carefully.

If you have general questions, call the main number at 651-554-5611, and you will be directed to someone for help.

For more information and billing examples, view the CCAP Child Provider Guide from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Billing holidays
Providers may be reimbursed for up to 10 State/Federal Holidays, when the provider is not open and charges all families for these days. Vacations for providers are not paid. See what days are considered holidays.

Last updated: 2/18/2016 7:21 AM