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Dakota County Follow Along Program

The Dakota County Follow Along Program is a free program for children age birth to 3 years. Babies and toddlers grow and learn at their own rate—some children need extra help to grow up healthy and to learn skills such as sitting, walking or talking. The program helps parents find out if the child needs additional help with moving, seeing, playing, talking, learning and growing.

All families in Dakota County who have children age birth to 3 years.
How it works
Parents can enroll their child in the program by calling 651-554-6178.
Parents receive short surveys asking how your child is growing and his or her activities. Parents return the questionnaires to the Follow Along Program.
Parents receive the results of the questionnaire along with information about fun activities you can do with your child. If there are any concerns, the Follow Along nurse will contact you with options for further evaluation or ideas to try with your child.
Learn more
To find out more about the Follow Along Program, contact  Dakota County Public Health at 651-554-6178.

Last updated: 5/28/2015 4:59 AM