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Overpayment Collections

In the event that an applicant receives more benefits than they were eligible to receive, a Dakota County Financial Worker will send a notice of overpayment. The case will be given to Dakota County Collections.

The case will be assigned a collections caseworker, who will contact the applicant about the debt and set up a repayment plan. A bill or notice will be sent in the mail.
Applicants should contact their Collections caseworker with any questions.

Set up a payment plan
You can ask your caseworker to set up a monthly payment plan or pay the full amount. If you request a payment plan, you can make the payment by check, credit card or automatic withdrawal from a bank account. A billing statement will be sent to you each month.

If you have questions, you should call the assigned case worker or 651-554-5909.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:26 AM