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Traffic Impact Guidelines

Preparers of a traffic impact study must involve Dakota County Traffic Staff early in the study development process. Submittal of a scoping letter to the County defining the project study area and overall scope is required in advance of preparing a study.

Failure to do so means the study may not contain everything necessary for the county to make decisions on plat approval, access permits and improvement measures.  This could result in additional work being needed or redone and a longer time line for the project and review process.

Subsequent discussions with the County need to occur to identify key intersections and roadway links to be incorporated, clarify analysis approach, and acceptable deviations from these guidelines.

The TrafficImpactAnalysisGuidelines.pdfTraffic Impact Analysis Guidelines explains the process for completing a traffic study.

For more information, contact Sarah Tracy, Assistant Traffic Engineer, by phone at 952-891-7177 or by email at

Last updated: 7/11/2016 4:10 AM