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Traffic Paint Policy

​Dakota County is not responsible for the cost of removing traffic paint from vehicles that cross wet roadway lines.

Removing paint from your vehicle
The paint used by Dakota County for yellow and white roadway lines is a waterborne latex. It should be removed as soon as possible and can be removed by:

  • A solution of hot water, ammonia (one cup ammonia per gallon of water) and soap. The area with paint may have to be soaked multiple times until the paint softens, so it can be wiped clean and rinsed.
  • Another option is using a pressure washer found at self-service car wash.

Dakota County also uses contractors to paint epoxy pavement markings. Epoxy requires a more extensive removal process. You will need to contact the contractors directly for this. Call the Transportation Department at 952-891-7900 for the contractor’s phone number.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:29 AM