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Lebanon Hills Visitor Center

​The Lebanon Hills Visitor Center, located in Lebanon Hills Regional Park, was designed to preserve natural resources, while providing outstanding visitor experiences.

Dakota County's sustainable design principles were incorporated and are showcased through interpretive displays throughout the building. The Lebanon Hills Visitor Center was awarded LEED® Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council in 2009. LEED is the USGBC’s rating system for designing and constructing the world’s most energy efficient, high-performing buildings. The Lebanon Hills Visitor Center achieved LEED certification for energy use, lighting, water and material use as well as incorporating a variety of other sustainable building features.

Sustainable features of the Lebanon Hills Visitor Center

  • Building positioned to gain maximum passive solar heating, radiant, liquid slab heat. 
  • Tulkivi soapstone wood stove, saving energy.
  • Vegetated roof, providing energy savings in heating and cooling.
  • Daylighting and operable windows for natural ventilation, reducing energy use.
  • No VOC adhesive and paint, improving air quality.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products.
  • Site previously impacted within park, now restored. 
  • Minimal tree removal during construction.
  • Sunflower-board cabinets, reusing our resources.
  • Walls made from wheat board, reusing our resources.

Last updated: 12/24/2014 4:29 AM