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Northern Service Center

The Northern Service Center houses 12 County departments and one state department, with more than 600 employees to serve County residents.

This building was designed and built for long-term occupancy, stressing durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency. The Northern Service Center saves thousands of dollars in energy costs monthly.

Sustainable features of the Northern Service Center 

  • Recycled glass in atrium's Terrazzo floor, reusing resources.
  • Two-foot recycled-content carpet squares, requiring replacement only where necessary, saving maintenance costs.
  • Window placement and indirect lighting, preventing worker eye strain, increasing worker productivity, and saving energy.
  • Light sensors turn off lights when rooms are vacated, saving energy and turns on lights when motion-activated, providing the extra bonus of increased security.
  • No VOC adhesives and paint - IAQ, improving air quality.
  • Recycled bituminous paving, reusing resources and saving energy.
  • Day lighting in office areas, saving energy.
  • Hydronic perimeter heat, saving energy.

The Northern Service Center received an EPA Energy Star rating of 97 out of 100 in 2009, establishing it as in the top 3 percent of energy efficient buildings when compared to the Energy Star model for similar buildings.

Last updated: 3/4/2014 10:18 AM