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Juvenile Corrections Fee

If you have a child that is placed in a juvenile detention center, Dakota County Community Corrections will provide the Collections office with the cost of that service. Your case will be assigned a caseworker to gather the information needed to determine how much you must pay the county for detention services.

The amount you will be asked to pay is decided by reviewing your income information. The caseworker will send you a list of documents we need to make the decision.

If you feel you cannot pay the amount of the bill you can request a waiver from your assigned caseworker. If you make this request the county will:

  • Bring your case to a review team to consider new information you provide.
  • Decide if the fee should stay the same or be reduced.

Set up a payment plan

You can ask your caseworker to set up a monthly payment plan or pay the full amount. If you request a payment plan, you can make the payment by check, credit card or automatic withdrawal from a bank account. A billing statement will be sent to you each month.

If you have questions, you should call the assigned worker.

Last updated: 1/24/2014 4:05 AM