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Program Eligibility

​To get health care program coverage, you must meet the specific program guidelines and be within the monthly income and asset limits. For specific eligibility information, see the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

Medical Assistance (MA)
Medical Assistance is a federal program that may pay for medical bills going back three months from the month you turn in your application. You must meet program rules to receive coverage. There are rules about income, assets, insurance coverage and other factors.  If your income is more than the limit, you may still qualify and you should apply.

Medicare Savings Programs (Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries, Service Limited Medical Beneficiaries, Qualified Individuals)
If you are enrolled or eligible to enroll in Medicare, you may be eligible for one of these programs. These programs will help pay for your Medicare premiums.

This program is for people who are not eligible for Medical Assistance and do not have Medicare or access to employer subsidized health insurance. You will have to pay a monthly premium, and coverage starts the month after you pay your premium.

Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program
The Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program helps pay the cost of private health insurance premiums for adults without children. The amount the program helps you pay each month is based on your age and household income.  Find out more.

Last updated: 3/27/2013 9:58 AM