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Regional Railroad Authority

The Dakota County Regional Railroad Authority was formed under Minnesota Statute Chapter 398A, which allows broad powers for the Regional Railroad Authority to plan, acquire, construct and operate railroads, including light rail transit (LRT).  In addition to LRT, the Regional Railroad Authority oversees the development and implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) in the Cedar Avenue Corridor.

Within the powers granted by statutes, the Regional Railroad Authority evaluates rail modes of transportation for their application to reduce congestion, improve mobility and provide alternative forms of transportation. Many of the initiatives supported by the Regional Railroad Authority have been funded by federal, state or county dollars.

In addition to serving on the Regional Railroad Authority, Dakota County Commissioners also participate on the Metropolitan Transitways Development Board (MTDB), the Red Rock Corridor Commission, the Cedar Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Group, and the Robert Street Corridor Transit Steering Committee.

Regional Railroad Authority members and officers
Commissioner Mike Slavik
Commissioner Kathleen A. Gaylord
Commissioner Thomas A. Egan
Commissioner Nancy Schouweiler
Commissioner Liz Workman (Chair)
Commissioner Mary Liz Holberg 
Commissioner Chris Gerlach

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